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July 16 2014     July 12 2014

UFC on the Fly: Gunnar Nelson


Countdown to Fight Night Dublin: Nelson vs. Cummings


On the second episode of UFC's On The Fly, Gunnar Nelson, the Icelandic powerhouse of the welterweight division, comes to Dublin to make his final preparations before taking on Zak Cummings in UFC Fight Night Dublin at The O2 Arena on Saturday, 19th July.


Follow the camps of undefeated welterweight Gunnar Nelson and Zak Cummings as they prepare for their co-main event battle at Fight Night Dublin on Saturday night.

March 7 2014     February 25 2012

3 Things you didn't know about Gunnar Nelson


Gunnar Nelson vs Alexander Butenko


Short interview where Gunnar revealse 3 things you didn't know about him


Gunnar Nelson defeats the Ukrainian Alexander Butenko in the 1st round (4:21) by submission (armbar) at Cage Contender 12 in Dublin, Ireland.

February 25 2012      November 23, 2010
Gunnar Nelson defeats Alexander Butenko
    Gunnar Nelson highlight 2010

Gunnar def. Alexander Butenko (Honour Academy) in the 1st round (4:21) by submission (armbar) on February 25 at Cage Contender 12 in Dublin, Ireland.


A great highlight video of Gunnar at Mjölnir, Gunnar's local club. More videos can be found at Mjölnir video page.



September 25 2010
Gunnar Nelson defeats Eugene Fadiora

    August 28 2010
Gunnar Nelson defeats Danny Mitchell

Gunnar def. Danny Mitchell (Team Pure MMA & Team Kaobon - UK) with a standing RNC in the 1st round (3 min 51 sec) on September 25th 2010 at Bamma 4 in Birmingham, UK.     Gunnar def. Danny Mitchell (The Asylum - UK) with a RNC in the 1st round (2 min 51 sec) on August 28th 2010 at Cage Contender VI - Nelson vs Mitchell in Manchester, UK.


Feb 13 2010
Gunnar Nelson defeats Sam Elsdon

Gunnar def. Sam Elsdon (Semtex Gym - UK) with a RNC in the 1st round 
(2 min 30 sec) on February 13th 2010 at BAMMA 2 in London, UK. 

September 2009
Gunnar Nelson wins Jeff Monson at ADCC 2009

Gunnar took four place in the absolute division at ADCC 2009 in Barcelona winning grappling veterians like Jeff Monson and David Avellan. Here are his match against Jeff Monson:

Mars 2009
Gunnar Nelson wins gold at the Pan Am 2009

Gunnar won the gold at the Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2009 (men's brown belt division, middle weight) beating five opponents, thereof Clark Gracie in the first round and choking out Bruno Alves in the finals. Here are his matches:


Sept 2008
Gunnar Nelson HL and training

Two minutes of highlights and training clips. Training with Gunnar on the video is Arni Isaksson, another MMA pro fighter from Iceland. Both train at Mjölnir - SBG Iceland.

Sept 6 2008
Gunnar Nelson defeats Iran Mascarenhas (PRO MMA)
     Dec 9 2007
Gunnar Nelson defeats Barry Mairs (pro MMA) 

Gunnar def. Iran Mascarenhas (Mascarenhas Team - Denmark) with a KO in the 2nd round (3 min 22 sec), September 6 2008, at Adrenaline 3: Evolution in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Some of Gunnar's friends also recorded the fight from ring side. Here is that video: Round 1 and Round 2.
Gunnar def. Barry (Baz) Mairs (Barnstaple Combat Elite - England) with a KO in the 1st round (3 min 38 sec) on December 9th 2007 at Angrrr Management: Ready for WAR at Winter Gardens in Weston Super Mare, North Somerset, UK.Pictures taken by Hywel Teague at Fighters Only Magazine.
Pictures on an Icelandic website...
Nov 11, 2007
Gunnar Nelson defeats Niek Tromp (pro MMA)
    Oct 6, 2007
Gunnar Nelson defeats Adam Slawinski (pro MMA) 

Gunnar def. Niek Tromp (Team Duncan - Holland) by submission due to strikes in the 1st round (1 min 50 sec) on November 24th 2007 at Cage of Truth: Battle on the Bay at Donahgmede in Dublin, Ireland.
Video done by Tommy Lakes.
Pictures on an Icelandic website...


Gunnar def. Adam Slawinski (Baltic Fighters - Poland) by TKO in the 1st round (2 min 30 sec) on October 6th 2007 at UFR10: Tribal Warfare in Galway, Ireland. 
Pictures on an Icelandic website...


Sep 29, 2007
Gunnar Nelson defeats Driss El Bakara (pro MMA)
    Jun 3, 2007
Gunnar Nelson gets ironmaned for BJJ purple belt 

Gunnar def. Driss El Bakara (French Top Team - France) by Armbar in the 1st round (3 min 46 sec) on September 29th 2007 at Cage Rage Contenders: Dynamite in Dublin, Ireland.
Pictures on an Icelandic website...

After 3 hours seminar, with Matt Thornton & Karl Tanswell, Gunnar gets 50 minutes of Ironman against 23 opponents, submitting the first 18. After that he was awarded the purple belt i Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This event came on the back page of Iceland's biggest and oldest newspaper, Morgunbladid.
May 5, 2007
Gunnar Nelson draws against John Olesen (pro MMA)

    April 2007
Gunnar Nelson - Intro video 

Gunnar fought his first MMA fight in Denmark against the much more experienced Danish fighter John Olesen (Kung Fu Toa - Denmark) at the Adrenaline Sports tournament in Copenhagen. After three rounds the fight was pronounce a draw by the Danish judges.
Pictures on from Adrenaline ...

An Intro video for Gunnar Nelson for the ADRENALINE Martial Arts Tournament held in Denmark in May 2007.
Nov 25, 2006
Gunnar def. Ingthor Valdimarsson (BJJ)
    Mar 26, 2006
Flying triangle choke at Mjolnir Open Mat 

Gunnar def. Ingthor Valdimarsson with at triangle Choke at the Mjölnir BJJ Gi tournament final. Gunnar is 15 kg (over 30 pounds) lighter than Ingthor.
Gunnar (age 17 at that time) defeats Daniel P. Axelsson (age 27) at the Mjolnir (Mjölnir) Open mat (grappling), March the 26th 2006. Gunnar wins with a beautiful Flying Triangle Choke in only 12 seconds. This was the shortest bout in the tournament and nominated the best submission.
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