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Here we go again - Cummings replaces LaFlare in Dublin

Zak Cummings
Zak Cummings has stepped in as a replacement for Ryan LaFlare as Gunnar's opponent at UFC Fight Night 46 in Dublin in July.
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High Noon - Gunnar Nelson vs The Mayor of Reykjavik

Gunnar and the mayor of Reykjavik
The cool mayor of Reykjavik comes to Gunnar's home gym, Mj÷lnir MMA, in his crusade against littering and asks Gunnar if he has thrown litter on the street.
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Gunnar takes on 11 opponents at EVE Fanfest

Gunnar Nelson at EVE Fanfest 2014
Watch Gunnar Nelson take on 11 opponents one after the other including 21 times Icelandic Judo champion and 9 times Glima (Icelandic Folk Wrestling) champion at EVE Fanfest 2014.
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Gunnar on UFC top 10 first quarter best moments

Gunnar Nelson defeates Omari Akhmedov
Gunnar's performance of the night at UFC Fight Night on March 8 in London against Omari Akhmedov is on UFC list for the best moments of the first quarter of 2014.
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Performance of the night in London

Gunnar defeats Omari
Gunnar returned to the Octagon in a stunning manner defeating the Russian fighter Omari Akhmedov 4:36 minutes into the 1st round with a beautiful guillotine choke at UFC in London last night.
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The official walkout T-shirt of Gunnar Nelson

The official walkout T-shirt of Gunnar Nelson for his UFC fight in London on the 8th. of march 2014 is now for sale online. On the front is the magical rune "Veldismagn" printed in gold and surrounding it the name of Gunnar Nelson written in nordic medieval runes.
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