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The Grind with Gunnar Nelson

Episode seven
The seventh and final episode of The Grind is here. Gunnar fights Alex Oliveira at UFC 231 in Toronto and has done all the preparation, all the hard work, all the media and made weight! Now there is nothing else to do except fight! Thanks for watching.


Episode six
Fight week is almost coming to an end. The media obligations are about to be over and the wait is about to be over. Gunnar the film critic gave his reviews on some of the movies he's seen during this week.


Episode five
It's getting closer and closer to the fight. Tuesday was pretty relaxed with some media obligations, short training at the hotel gym and finding the right gloves.

Episode four
Fight week has officially begun! Gunnar Nelson has spent the last few days in Toronto where he fights Alex 'Cowboy' Oliveira at UFC 231. Gunnar has spent his time training, going to the country side and watching some pretty bad movies! On Monday Gunnar did a session with striking coach Jorge Blanco at Open Mat gym in Toronto. Stay tuned for more!

Episode three
Gunnar's last day in Iceland before he flew to Toronto was a busy day. Super early training (at 11 o'clock!), photoshoot, media and much more!

Episode two
It's only 8 days until Gunnar Nelson faces Alex 'Cowboy' Oliveira at UFC 231 in Toronto and the camp is about to be over. Take a look at Gunnar's training camp and who he was training with.

Episode one
Gunnar Nelson will fight Alex 'Cowboy' Oliveira on UFC 231 in Toronto on the 8th of December. The Grind with Gunnar Nelson shows what goes on behind the scenes during the training camp. Stay tuned for more! English subtitles!

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